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Colorado Helicopters, Inc. is well known nation-wide for pulling sockline on powerline construction projects. We fly Hughes 500D helicopters doing precision long line work with 25 to 200 foot long lines. On these projects we pull sockline, move people, and hang travelers, ladders, and glass insulators on all types of structures. Our helicopters spot air compressors and drilling equipment at tower foundation sites. We can do infrared inspection work on energized powerlines.

Within the past 15 years I or my pilots have completed powerline construction subcontracts for:

Powerline construction has been our main line of work, but we have a lot of experience throughout the helicopter industry. In November and December of 1989, we used six Hughes 500's to sling 1,500,000 Christmas trees out of farmers' fields in Oregon. We have also worked on seismic projects, heli-skiing, telephone pole setting, and wild animal capture projects.

We continually strive to determine better, safer, and more efficient ways of accomplishing different flying tasks. Some companies try to take as much time as possible at each task in order to log the most flight hours. Since they are paid by the hour, they think they make more money this way.

Our philosophy is different. We figure that if we accomplish every task with the least amount of flight hours possible, you will find it is very economical to use us and that you will assign us more and more tasks until we are getting as many hours as any pilot can safely handle. So far this philosophy has been very successful for us and popular with contractors. You get not only greatly increased production, but you get it with fewer hassles than ever before. Helicopters are popular with field crews because helicopters usually speed up their work. If the pilot knows how to do the job the quickest way and does not milk it for flight hours, many field jobs can be accomplished very quickly and efficiently with a helicopter. For you, there is an additional hidden benefit in this philosophy: We can keep our price per hour down in the reasonable range and you won't need a coronary specialist handy when you see the helicopter bill for a particular job.

An efficient job is essential and we know how to do an efficient job. We know what equipment works best and how to use it. We know that the pilots we hire and train must not only be aggressive, but also safe, willing, and capable. And, believe it or not, we even listen to what you have to say about how you want the job done.

During the past 16 years we have worked closely with Harold Nelson of Pendleton Aircraft Service, Pendleton, OR. Harold can tell you about the quality of maintenance we demand. If you would like to call him, as a reference, his phone number is 503-276-1441.

High quality service trucks are used on each job. If necessary, we put transportable ground refueling systems near areas of high intensity helicopter operations so no time will be wasted for refueling. We do this at no additional cost to you. For maximum efficiency we also refuel hot (with the engine running) so your time is not wasted in shutting down and starting up. We only charge for time actually in the air and not time on the ground with the engine running. We have worked out procedures to ensure the safety of this practice, and have never had any problems with it. Our insurance company and the FAA have approved it.

Currently, we carry $5 million in liability insurance, however that can easily be increased to $10 or $20 million if required for any project. Our insurance company can send you a certificate of insurance naming your company as additionally insured.

CHI is highly recommended by all those who have used our services. Letters of recommendation are available upon on request. A list of list of jobs completed with references is also available upon request. Please feel free to contact any and all references.

Ron Magnus
Colorado Helicopters, Inc.

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